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The books that changed my life. My Enemy the Queen.

Recently, the virtual candidate of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, was in a book fair, and was being interviewed by some spanish journalist. And he asked, «Name three books that marked, or changed your life». And the candidate could’nt do it right. I did’nt actually watched the video, because I got fed up with the commentaries in facebook and twitter and all the mocking to this person.
What I think about it is this, and I told my husband: Seems like all you critics are very envious about him being practically the next president of the Mexican Republic.
So, he could’nt tell the names of three books. So what? Is not like a matter of life and dead if you don’t like to read.
It was much worse when he was asked about the price of the tortilla, which is the basic and most important meal of millions and millions of mexicans, and it is an indicator of much important aspects of our economy, and again, he could’nt deliver. The tortilla (one kilo) costs $13.00 which is 26% of the daily minimum wage here where I live.

So, back to where I begin, I want to tell about my most important and close to my hearts books I read. They are plenty, I was an avid reader before I had kids, before I left my hometown. I read and enjoyed many books, here are some of the most important:
1. My Enemy the Queen: This book, written by Victoria Hold aka Philippa Carr aka Jean Plaidy, absolutely changed my life. I would’nt know it then, because I was 12 and how the hell would I know, but I cant tell now that I am 42, that changed my life in different ways.
It made me love England and all the english history, music, players, sports, etc.
It made like reading even more
It made me love to read about Queens and Kings of different countries which made my vocabolary rather wide and rich.

Also, the plot is captivating and is a real story: Elizabeth I, had this niece called Lettice, who married the love of her life, and many years later, became lover of the son of the very same Lettice, and beheaded him, you can tell probably because she hated her so much for what she did before.
Knowing that real life events frequently are more appaling that fiction, is also a learning I had with this book.
Since this, I’ve read tons of books related to Europe, specially England, XVI century history, and I will be so happy when I finally go there and visit all those places I read so much about.