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Andy Murray, third place, SPOTY

This is the SPOTY:


SPOTY stands for Sport Personality of the Year. In what has been arguibly the most important year in British sport in history, Andy Murray came in third place, just behind the beautiful Jess Ennis and the cyclist who won the Tour de France, Bradley Wiggins.

It is a big deal for britons, and watching the ceremony on the internet, and God Bless for that, I hoped we could have something similar here in Mexico. Because everything in our power to promote sports, is a good effort.

Kind of amuses me that the trophy is a TV camera.

Talking about Andy, I’m guessing he is happy about the outcoming of the Award. I am also figuring out that he won’t be loosing any sleep for this, and that he is mostly thinking in Australian Open

To think that Andy is so close to Merida, in Miami, and that he trains in the University of  Miami, where I have been so close so many times… Maybe I could go in 2013-

Here is a picture of Andy, just for the sake of it.

murray spoty