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Empty Seats and Request a PseudoGraph

Bounjour Mon fans,

There are a few points that I would like to discuss aujourd’hui.

Firstly, yesterday was My third round match and the stadium was about a third empty. Everybody loves Paris and Roland, but could someone be kind enough to remind him that this is a Grand Slam event. Mr. Wimbledon always ensures a packed house whether it be the first round, or the final.

Secondly I have had many emails regarding The Book and whether you must own a Kindle device in order to buy  it. The answer is no. You just need the free Kindle app that is available for all computers, tablets and portable telephones.

Nextly, if you would like Me to personally sign your ebook, with the use of technology, I can! #excited You can use the following interweb link and request what you would like Me to write to you. @lucyheisinger was the first to request this! Gracias…

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Somebody stole My face

Today I’m with the flu. Very sick feeling. Only reading this could lift my spirits. Thank you GOAT.

Somebody stole My face.

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Afternoon Tea and Scones

Everybody is talking about tennis, even people who doesn’t give a damn about tennis the whole year, and here comes Roger Federer to write about another whole different thing.

Please, read.

Afternoon Tea and Scones.

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My Tips for Mr and Mrs Commentator

Good afternoon,

For some reason I seem to have a lot of spare time in these moments. I like to be productive and keep making the improvements not only as a champion but also as a person too, so decided to use this extra time to watch the television set.

There’s a tennis tournament on at the moment that I chose not to take further part in. It wasn’t just me, a lot of the others left too. We did it together, in the same way beautiful birds make the migrations south for the winter times.

With this extra space in My calendars I have been watching a lot of the televisions and listening to the commentators wondering whether I should become one, if I choose to. I need to think about My future, quite quickly it seems. I have made the following observations whilst listening to Mr and Mrs…

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My Secret Weapon to Win Wim8ledon

My Secret Weapon to Win Wim8ledon.

@PseudoFed is a GOAT with a plan! Very worthwhile reading his Blog.

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Urgent post about Mr. Harmans

Urgent post about Mr. Harmans.

@PseudoFed escribe en su blog (le dicta a su #staff, más bien) que está muy preocupado por que Mr. Neil Harman, excelente periodista inglés, ha perdido su sombrerito. ¡genial! Como todo lo que hace @PseudoFed

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Preview of the French Open

Preview of the French Open.

The GOAT is happy and so am I. El Genial PseudoFed nos comparte la carta que ha enviado a Mr. Roland.

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Pre-match interview – Roma


Pre-match interview – Roma.

GOAT habla acerca de su partido antes de jugarlo vs Rafael Nadal

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Rafa Nadal withdraws from Mubadala

We are disappointed to announce that World number four and two-time Mubadala World Tennis Championship winner Rafael Nadal has been forced to make a last minute withdrawal from the 2012 event due to a stomach virus.

This is all to worrying for me. I can’t help but being suspicious. Stomach virus? I don’t buy it. I’m thinking that knee is still not good but he can’t say because of the (good) psychological consequences that would have in some people. @pseudofed, I’m talking to you.

He has been in the previous four times this Mubadala Championship is been played, that says that he likes it a lot.

I wish Rafa the best and a strong recovery. In time for Australia, to say the least.

They are looking for somebody to replace him last minute. Who would that be? Tsonga comes to mind right away.

mubadala trophy

This is the trophy, designed by a student in an Art Competition.

I love @pseudofed

Who is Pseudo Fed?

Hace varios meses, en Twitter comencé a leer un rumor: @pseudofed es Mirka Vavrinec. Me creí el rumor y leí sus twitts llenos de sarcasmo, firmados con la palabra #humble.

Claro que no era verdad. @Pseudofed no era Mirka Federer y no tengo idea, al día de hoy de quién es. (Aunque no falta quien siga tomando en cuenta la posibilidad de que sí, sea Mirka)

Pseudo Fed es el Alter Ego de Roger Federer. Escribe como si de verdad fuera Roger. Escribe en inglés chapuceado, mal redactado, como tal cual habla Federer. Por ejemplo, Federer en lugar de decir «tennis» dice «the tennis». Pseudofed a todo le pone «the» antes de la palabra. «The bloggins» «The Christmas Decorations» etc.

Exactamente como debe ser Roger Federer, sin la máscara, sin la pretensión, así es PseudoFed: endiosado, presumido, medio insoportable, consentido, convencido de que es el mejor de todos los tiempos, medio ignorante.

Pero no me malinterpreten. Pseudofed hace que Federer parezca encantador, a pesar de todo lo anterior. Para mi gusto, tuitea muy poco, yo quisiera que todos los días publicara algo. Ha recibido muchísimos elogios y es amigo de todas las personalidades de tennis.

Pseudofed tiene mucha gente a su servicio, su #staff. Su staff hace de todo, y si lo hace mal, los desipide; #youfired y si lo hacen bien, no les dice nada, no hay reconocimiento. Piensa que todos tenemos staff igual que él,

Image    Lo mejor del twitter para mi, definitivamente, es @pseudofed.