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I don’t feel guilty about telling my sons that there is not Santa Clause

My kids were very excited with the possibility of Santa Clause bringing them lots of presents. That was Christmas is about, after all. Presents from Santa.


I was long ago wanting to tell them the truth: there is no such thing as a big red coated guy with a factory living in North Pole making toys all year around for good children.

That is like a deity. He can see you all year, he can know if you are good or bad and he will reward you or punish you if you are not good enough.

On top of it all, we are putting his image on walls, like if he is some kind of God. We are a minute away from actually praying to the man. Around december, we could, couldn’t we?

So I went and told my two sons that there is no Santa Clause. The ones that bring the toys are mom and dad. The toys are actually expensive, and we did put a lot of effort in order to buy them.

My youngest son wouldn’t believe me at first. Because he couldn’t believe that we were actually lying! We always tell them the truth in everything, well, almost everything, except for those fairy tales every kid is told: the mouse that comes and takes the teeth leaving money instead; Santa Clause, and the Three Wise Man. «You were LYING to me all this years??!!» Well, that is yet another good reason for stop the lies. I don’t want to keep lying to either one of you kids.

They are actually thankful for me telling them the truth. They feel superior because they know something that the other kids does not know about just yet.

I must say that my oldest is eleven and my youngest is nine. So is not like I’m telling this to a five year old. My oldest the other day made a comment about two people having sex, of course not knowing or understanding what was he talking about. But at that moment, listening to him, one of the thoughts in my mind was: here he is, my son, talking about sex, and still believing in Santa Clause! That is ridiculous.

ImageThey wanted an Xbox and an ipod. Of course they are not getting both, only one -the first one, and they will share the console and the games. And I’m not even guilty about it. Why should I be?