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Ok Abu Dhabi. Bye Bye. Now see you in Brisbane.

Andy you didn’t play quite good today in Abu Dhabi. Tipsarevic was all kinds of nervous and wasn’t at all what you would call a hard match. Not for you, It wasn’t!


Yeah yeah ok. It was an exo and it’s not that big a deal. So, let’s talk about…


From december 30th to January 6, 2013. Prize money: more than four hundred US dollars.  Almost 80 thousand for the winner. It’s a men’s and women’s tournament. Defending champion is him:

brisbane andy

Back in those days, january of 2012, Ivan Lendl was recently appointed as his coach and we were all wondering if that was a good choice. Wasn’t that a mistake? Lendl has never been a coach of anything tennis! He’s been playing golf for the last ten years or so!

Boy, did he prove himself right allright.

Wow Andy Murray great news !!

«Very happy to announce that Ivan Lendl is my new full time coach. His impact on the game is unquestionable and he brings experience and knowledge that few others have, particularly in major tournaments. Happy New Year :) «
Andy Murray on his facebook page.
WOW this is very good news !!
Ivan Lendl era uno de mis favoritos en aquellos entonces. Me daba un poco de miedo, no por feo, sino porque si mi favorito que era Stefan Edberg le tocaba jugar contra él, sería un partido difícil de ganar, estaba segura.
Esta es una buena noticia!! Sorpresiva para el último día del año!!