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I feel happy

It’s kind of forcing  my self to be happy or more like realize that I really don’t need anymore.
I am bloggig, watching my kids playing with the toys the Wise Kings gave them; the house is not dirty but is not perfect; the kids ate their breakfeast very well, they are both healthy and happy.
We have a little money for the weekend, specially for the doctor’s appointment for my son; it’s the psychiatrist who is going to monitor his heart.
Maybe we don’t have everything figure out, but then again, who does? Maybe we did’nt get as high in life and achievement as other people we know, but, so what? good for them, good for us; things happends for a reason and I know that for sure.
So does this little kitten
Back in those days, I felt utterly happy just for listening to a song, or read a good book; I want to go back to that kind of feeling. I know that I have to work from monday to friday but I do like my job, a lot; and that I have some commitments in terms of money that I have to fullfill along with my husband, and they’ll be long time commitments, but then again, God gives me this trials because He knows that this is the way it has to be.
Do I want it to be easier? No
Do I want it to be lighter? No, I don’t
We are fine, and have to trust our God. That is the best idea ever.