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Things for my kids to do on vacation time

My kids are on vacation and I’m not, neither my husband. We have a maid that comes over and cooks, do the laundry, and watch them. But she doesn’t exactly play with them and it’s not her job either.

They are 11 and 9, the two most incredible boys ever in the history of mankind.

Indeed, they watch to much «screen», they do a lot of thing screen related, and his father and I have done everithing to encourage that exactly. Even though we don’t think is a good thing. But is the easy way for us, since we both have jobs when in home, we don’t really want to play with our children. That, as Metallica says, is sad but true.

We arrive home after work and we have chores to do and after the chores we want to relax, do something we like, like watching movies or in my case, posting in my blog, or watching tennis.

My children are old enough to entertain themselves. God knows I have spent hours playing with them and doing everything in my power to keep them away from the screen. I’ve taken some vacation on doing that, but, with new year, we have new resolutions. So here it is my plan for not letting my children watch that much screen.

On vacation only, because in school time they have plenty to do and don’t watch more than a couple of hours of screen every day.

  • Cook something
  • Go around the neighborhood
  • Draw a picture
  • Do some adding, some homework
  • Read a book
  • Take a bath
  • Play with Lego
  • Catch an insect in a jar

This list must expand!


For Sunday

For today, there is always something to do:
Laundry — my husband. That is: my husband has to do the laundry. Is not: I have to laundry my husband.

And, at six o’clock in the afternoon, tennis and the Golden Globes!!