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Final de Brisbane. Federer vs Raonic.

Federer juega mañana la final de Brisbane vs Milos Raonic, el canadiense. Si gana, será su victoria # 1000 en la ATP.

Los admiradores de Federer, lo que parece que son todos los seres humanos menos yo, están enloquecidos con que Roger alcance este, otro más, record en su carrera. Solamente Lendl y Connors han superado los mil juegos ganados.

federer raonic

Si el hombre lleva seiscientos años jugando tennis, es obvio, al menos para mi, que va a lograr una cantidad de victorias mucho mayor que los otros que no llevan centurias jugando. Es como celebrar que me cayó la lluvia encima por milésima vez. Si tengo muchos años, ¿no es lógico?

Como he dicho antes, es difícil vivir en un mundo de adoradores de Federer, no siendo una de ellos.

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La final se jugará amaneciendo domingo a las 3 am hora de México. Segurísimo gana Federer, porque Raonic, tiene ese respeto combinado con temor combinado con admiración que muchos tienen hacia Roger Federer.

Look! who won in Brisbane

I actually did watch the game, thanks to
It was like he was playing alone. At one point I thought that Dogolopolopov did’nt even care. Or that he was going to pull out. Well, he did’nt, but he aknowledge that he was in pain in his leg.
Dogolopolopov is a good boy, I like him, it’s a well raised boy.
So,  Andy won in Brisbane. Ivan Lendl for the second time, was watching everything from the seats. Now I know, what can he do for Andy. Lendl is a very competitive person. I used to watch him play in his peak days. He was very strong, hard to beat competitor. He won some, lost some other, but in general was of the best players around and allways a hard match against him.
So, I thought, Ivan Lendl would rather die before loose anything, a game, a match, anything. So, if he is doing this, like leaving his paceful sorroundings and his life, and going again touring to many countries, etc, is because he is going to win some matches and some slams. He is not going to loose nothing. Not going to allow fingers pointing at him for not taking Andy to a well deserved victory.
So, that is what he is going to do for Andy. They have started well.
Andy Murray Of Britain Holds

Qatar y Brisbane

Murray won his match in not an easy way. Nadal and Federer, also won their matches, they are in Qatar. Djokovic is just arriving in Australia, and is not playin. About Murray. Seems that I’m not the only one to notice that Murray is liking this of dropping the first set only to win clearly the match. Just that happend today against Gilles Muller. The third set he won 6-0, so, who are you scaring please?

Andy looks good in red, but I don’t know about the blue shorts…

Meanwhile, in Qatar…

He won his match against some guy name Gerga. In TWO sets, not like the others. I like the red stripes on the uniform, I don’t like that he matched black with white and red. Like some Moulin Rouge girl or something.