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I apologize, Amelie

Right before the beginning of Roland Garros finals 2014, here comes this girl, beautiful one, and in a press conference she says she is Andy Murray’s new coach. Andy fans were talking about it, speculating, for some days now.

2014 wasn’t the best year in tennis for Andy Murray. For many many players, that results would have come as heaven, but not for Andy. We, the fans, were by then very adjusted to the grand slam finals, the Olympic medals, the Masters 1000 trophies. We grew accustomed to the success and we weren’t going to settle for less.

So, we (and by we, I mean me, Lucía) weren’t very happy with Ameliee. You see, there is always an egotistical side of everything, and this is no exception. When Andy wins, I feel the high, the rush, the excitment. If Andy loses, the bad mood comes and not only that, but I have to bear and put up the people that are fans of Federer, or Nadal o whoever was the guy who won the match vs Andy.

Specially after the Roger Federer masacre over Andy, that was so ruthlees, that even the guy apologized to us (his fans).

After that match, I really didn’t want Amelie. I never ever said anything against her, as a woman, as a person or as a tennis coach. I said, that she wasn’t good for Andy, that he should look for another option in coaching, that the combination wasn’t working.

That was the egotistical part of me, of course. Because, really, who am I to say anything?

Of course he did what he wanted to do, like most of us do, with our lives, and kept Mauresmo by his side. Man, am I grateful he did. Am I grateful he did!


In little more than a couple of months, the man is playing excelent tennis, even better than, and I stand by my words, even better than when he was with Ivan. So I owe her an apology. I aknowledge that if is not of my business, and is not, what the hell am I talking about. I’m a person who does not appreciate when somebody comes and gives me unsolicited advice. So, hey! I may stop doing what I hate when’s done to me.

Good job, Ameliee, thanks in advance for making me tennis happy the whole 2015