The mayan ruins and the fact that I can’t climb them anymore

Today me and my children, along with my husband, visited Chichen Itza, a place where the Maya, way before the time of Columbus, carried out ceremonies and ball games.

El Castillo
El Castillo

Chichen Itza houses one of the «new seven wonders» (whatever the hell That is) and beside that big and very important one, many other different edifications are there, all built by the aforementioned Maya.

It is a beautiful place; many people travel from distant places around the world, to see something that I have about 45 minutes from my house.

We thoroughly enjoyed the day, however, I was sad that we can not climb the pyramids. When I was young, some 30 years ago, we could get on and off at will of all the ruins. We could get closer to the sacred cenote’s shore. I saw people swimming in the cenote.


We could walk into the jungle and play explorers. We could penetrate the depths of the castle and see the red jaguar «chaac mool». And we could do all that, without being nagged all the time by dozens of vendors with their crafts and their mexican curious.

Today my children first visited the city of Chichén Itzá. I was very sad for them. We walked the entire place in less than two hours. I am glad that the remains are taken care of, it seems somewhat logical that people’s upload is prohibited. Upload, only the act of stepping on buildings over 500 years was harmful; addition to this, people urinated, left signs in the walls, ate and left the remains, none of them proving to be holders of a great education.

familia en el castillo

One thing or the other. The ruins are preserved much longer, but I can not, nor my children, climb on them no more.


FAMILIA CENOTEcaminando de espaldas con guerreros al fondoDIBUJOS MAYAS DE CERCA


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