Andy Murray fans: let’s have a little get together

For all Andy Murray fans out there. I have an idea, I want to share with you: We should all meet in Cancún. That is here: cancun2

Is for sure one of the most beautiful places in the world. The Caribean Sea is like nothing else you’ve ever seen. Maybe getting to Cancún is not precisely cheap, but staying there is most cheap ever. For example, The Ritz Carlton, a beautiful hotel, is around 400 USD night.

Once in Cancún, we Andy Murray fans, will do the next, among other things: Drinks loads and loads of mexican beer. (among the best beer in the world, of course) mexican-beers-620x413

Talk about how Andy makes us happy and also how many times we’ve been on the verge of heart attack thanks to him. For example:

Made us so happy, two examples of hundreds: 

2012_Olympic_Tennis_Men's_singles Andy Murray has won the 2012 US Open

Only two examples when made us happy with danger of heart attack:

111verdasco murray
that match vs Verdasco in Wimby
Valencia Open 2014

So… let’s get together in Cancun, watch some matches, talk about Andy, swim in the blue Caribean Sea, driks lots of beer, or rum or whisky or what you like the most, or don’t drink at all, and share lots of happy Andy moments… come on!

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