About plagiarism and second chances

Now, I ask myself. Do I deserve a second chance? Does everybody, and by that I mean EVERYBODY, makes mistakes?

Recently, I wrote here in my blog about this man, Neil Harman. I was very grateful for a song he posted on his twitter account. He was, sadly in past tense, the tennis correspondent for the London Times. He’s had a prolific career as a sports writer for very important media as The Daily Mail and The Sunday Telegraph. He’s author of the book «Court Confidential» which unfortunately I have not read yet but has some very good reviews.

He ‘s been 40 years as a sports writer. 40 years.

Wikipedia : «Since 2004, Harman has written the Wimbledon Annual: the official publication of the Grand Slam tournament.» But in 2014, Neil ADMITTED plagiarism in writing the yearbook of 2013.

He admitted it fairly quickly. «— There can be no excuse for such shoddy work, which I deeply regret. I did it without malice forethought, but that I did it at all is simply inexcusable» That line is taken from his resignation letter to the International Tennis Writers Association, of which he was Co President.

The London Times, also, suspended him.

For source, click on image
For source, click on image

I am a Neil Harman fan, I enjoyed his writing so much, and I definitely would not want him retiring from writing. You can’t just send him to oblivion, nor his writing. I really hope he will come back on his feet, now with the lesson well learned. I can absolutely believe he did what he did because exhaustion, lack of time, deadly deadlines; he is NOT a bad person.

Great people sometimes make big mistakes, and we must be forgetful, because, who knows, our next big mistake can be, surely is, just around the corner.

Neil canceled his twitter account and I have no way to let him know what I think. Is so sad, all this.

Thanks to Lucia Hoffman for giving me the concept of this post.

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