Thanks so much, Neil Harman

My dad, God rest his soul, used to listen to a huge amount of «elevator music». He had tons of records of this type of music. And I do not mean that pejoratively. It is music that is also known as «easy listening», gentle rhythms, easy listening, friendly to the ear.
I was very close to my dad, and for many, many evenings we used to stay in his room, he listening to his music, me, reading my books, studying, doing my homework.
Among all the huge amount of songs we listened, there was this particular song that I liked. At that time, I did not speak almost no English. That song,  was sung in English. I could understand the word «remember», sung by a man with a silky, sad, melancholic voice.
I liked that song a lot.
But I never found out what it was called or who sang it. Did not know how to get help from my dad. «Dad, I want to hear that song again… the one that goes  «remember … » But he said, «I think half the love songs written in English do have that word» and he was right, as always.
My dad died in 2005 and I still had the idea to hear the beautiful song again. The present days, with technology, you can google a word of any song and there you have as if by magic complete info about who sings, complete lyrics, images of the singer, the mp3 version on youtube, spotify … but not with this song. Then again, the word «remember» is too common, in the songs written in English.

Until today, June 15, 2014, I see the following in my Twitter Timeline:

A hunch told me everything. Is that! My song! «REMEMBER»! God! I can not believe it! I can not believe it!

Neil Harman is a tennis correspondent for the London Times. It is a brilliant, brilliant tennis commentator and not only that, he is polite, measured, friendly, and loves good music. I love so very much to read everything that Neil has to say about our beloved sport
So I write this post in my blog to thank Neil. He doesn’t know who I am, a 44 year old woman from México that loves tennis and Andy Murray. Who’s father loved this song «Remember» sung by Andy Williams. You will never know how important is this to me. I can only say thank you a hundred times if necessary.
Me, my father and my oldest son back in 2002


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