I’m a very happy Emotional (not anonymous)

I started attending Emotional Anonymous meetings about six month ago. I stil have a long road ahead of me. I will be walking down that road joyful and hopeful, not suffering.

I thought of hope when I saw this image

I did hit rock bottom. The pain, the suffering, the emotions taking me and doing with me all what they wanted to do with me. I couldn’t bear with it anymore. I am young, and have a beautiful family, and have a job I like so much; and indeed I was in pain, in emotional pain.

I had to surrender to my emotions, I had to admit my powerlessness towards my damn emotions. And when I did that, hope came to stay.

Powerlessness over one’s emotions can can be a cause of mental suffering with no consistent behavioral manifestation (source: wikipedia)

When I surrendered to a Higher Power, I wasn’t defeated. Instead, I was increasing my acceptance of reality. I was replacing self-centeredness with a growing moral consciousness and a willingness for self-sacrifice and unselfish constructive action; this is known as a spiritual awakening.



Today, after six months in the Program Emotional Anonymous, I feel stronger, so much stronger. I am enjoying my  life as it is. I can focus much more than before, even without deliberately trying to focus.

It is hard to explain happiness, but I honestly feel happier than before. I have and enjoy my family and I try to make other’s people life easier or happier.

So, I thank God, I thank with all my heart the Higher Power for helping me every day, 24 hours each time, to surrender, to try not to be self centered, and to give more and more each day.

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