Silver Linings Playbook

I just watched the movie and I liked it, but that is it. I didn’t love it. Sometimes I thought I was watching a TV show. For example, the scene when the Jennifer Lawrence character makes her point about being her who gives the Philadelphia Eagles good luck.

Or when she speaks Pat him to calm him down about the song. That was a «sitcom» moment for me.

I don’t really buy the idea of two super hot people being with that kind of trouble regarding love or relationships. If she wouldn’t be so voluptuous, maybe. Or If he wasn’t that handsome, again, maybe. But those two? Come on.

They both are good in their acting works, specially Cooper, I liked the most. And Julia Stiles, who plays a very minor role, as always, impeccable performance.

Robert de Niro is a god and does nothing wrong ever. Sometimes is the same bad guy gangster character for me, but most of the time he does incredibly well.

I like David O Russel’s movies, specially The Fighter. He makes movies that actors can take advantage of. I’m glad I watched the movie.

What I don’t really understand is what Silver Linings Playbook means.


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