Watching my mother die

My mother is dying since last friday. She is sick with liver cancer. Since last friday she’s been lying in her bed, consumed, not eating, not drinking not even water.
Eyes open the firsts two, three days. But with no expression.
Classical music on the radio. Gray weather and some cold.
She won’t go, God knows why.
Maybe she is afraid because this she will have to do it all alone.
I can understand her lonliness. That is not easy going to the Other Side.
I can understand that she is liking the attention. She is been very visited and taken care by her four children and some other people.
Last friday the doctor told us: image
«It’s only a matter of hours» well it’s been a week now and here she is.
Maybe she likes the music you know? Beethoven’s 9th is worth NOT dying for.

Hello fans from many places,

I have received a lot of questions in the last day about what I said to Andrew during the final of the Semis in the Australian Open (in Australia). My GOATbox has been flooded with emails from journalists, royals, politicians and ordinary people too. On one hand it is great to have so many people writing to Me, on the other hand it makes it very difficult to find the email to renew the subscription to various fashion magazines.

In the interest of the disclosures here is a transcriptions of the conversation during the match. People remarked that I said the naughty words to him. False. This is what really happened:


Me: Hello Andrew, nice to see you. I believe your last shot was a little too close to make the comforts.

Andrew: Why do you keep calling me Andrew when everyone else calls…

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