The Bald – Hairy Russian Leaders Rule

Turns out that in Russia, or the Soviet Union for some years, there is this «non written rule» about their presidents, dictators, tzars or emperors.

referring to the empirical rule of the state leaders’ succession defined as a change of a bald leader with a hairy one and vice versa. This consistent pattern can be traced back until as early as 1825, when Nicholas I succeeded his late brother Alexander as the Russian Emperor (


And It goes like this: (not of all them are pictured)

  • Nicholas I — Bald
  • Alexander II — Hairy
  • Alexander III — Bald
  • Nicholas II – Hairy (last Russian Tzar)
  • Lvov — Bald
  • Kerensky — Hairy
  • Lenin — Bald
  • Stalin — Hairy
  • Khrushchev — Bald
  • Brezhnev — Hairy
  • Andropov — Bald
  • Chernenko — Hairy
  • Gorbachev — Bald
  • Yeltsin — Hairy
  • Putin — Bald
  • Medvedev — Hairy
  • Putin — Bald


For how long? 

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