I’m so happy that

I’m so happy that we have faith in God. Many people don’t, and they crave for it.


I’m so happy and grateful that we all are in good health. By «all» I mean, my sons, my husband, my mother, my brother and sisters. Also in the healthy category land my nephews, niece, my friends, co-workers, my husband’s family.

I’m so happy that in a Third World country with so many people with the most basic needs uncovered, both me and my husband have jobs and have a decent way of living. We have a house that is our own’s and three hot meals every day.

I’m so happy that we have books to read, music to listen to, tv and movies to watch, games to play, and some time to do all of that. Having spare time and enjoying such good works of art and enterteinment, is truly a bliss.

I’m so happy for tennis, is such a huge part of my life and truly really makes me happy. 2012 was a extraordinary year for tennis and 2013 surely will be; and I’m so happy and thankful that I will be able to watch it and discuss about it.


For now, I’m no more that happy for all these and a lot other things. For some time I won’t want anything else. I don’t want to want anything else.

So Thank you God so much.

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