26 people shot dead in a massacre in Connecticut

Twenty children and six adults were killed when the shooter opened fire Friday morning at Sandy Hook Elementary School

The suspect is been confirmed to be 20 year old Adam Lanza, who shot his mother before going to the elementary school, and shot himself after the killings.

Within minutes, Lanza killed 26 people with chilling efficiency.

Today we all are watching our TVs and videos on internet; and asking why? feeling sorry for the children, their parents, the whole community of Newton, the entire United States of America country and for the whole damn world.

Today we are sad for the news.

This is going to happen again, many times. Nobody wants real change, or if so, they are afraid of it. I myself had feelings of rage and anger and feeling like «killing» other people, but that didn’t mean I went to the nearest school and shot innocent children. Maybe, because I hadn’t had the armor. Maybe, if I had the guns, I would do it.

Nah. I would be too lazy to do it. I would be too afraid of the jail. I would distract myself with some other thoughts or with music and not do it.

I’m not crazy, after all. (am I?) And here comes the mental health advocates. Why this young men wasn’t receiving help, psychiatric help? We don’t know that for sure, maybe he was, the news haven’t said so.

I’m no expert at anything, I can only simpathyze with the helpless feelings of this young man. At 20, you are almost a child. Like children killing children.

My focus is driven to the kill the mother act. He shot his mother first and foremost. Like «stop nagging me you bitch» kind of statement. Like «I don’t want to listen to you anymore, not now, not after I kill those children»

Maybe he saw the horror he did and turned the gun to himself. Because, had he survived, most surely they would convicted him to death. And the vicious circle is closing and starting again. Killing the killer, that would help.

It’s sad.

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