Friends with benefits or when am I going to learn my lesson

Friends with benefits starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, an actor and an actress way to much younger than me, is the hundred movie I get to watch that I regret.
It’s just that I don´t get this new kind of comedy, like this movie. Like the Katherine Heigl’s movies. I does not seem funny to me!
ha ha ha I googled «sex clipart» and this shows up
This is a movie about two young people in their late twenties, that are single and beautiful. They get to know each other and in the beggining they don’t feel anything for the other. But they decide to have sex just for the sake of it. So here they come the thousand very explicit sex scenes. I am defenitely old fashion, but I don’t appreciate the explicitness.
So, bla bla bla, they finally fell in love of each other and the way that he uses to tell here is so common place I could cry. I could predict it in the minute one.
So, not liking.

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