My beauty wish list for 2012

I just saw in another blog a wish list from some woman, and I’m about to do the same thing. This are my beauty products from a lot of time that I use very often, some of them, every day.
1. Clinique’s One, Two, Three
When I was around 20, my skin began to suffer some horrible acne. My good friend Ernestina, told me: use the one, two, three from Clinique. I used to travel a lot to CanCun, where all this products are sold duty free, and rapidly I bought one package. Problem sold, worked marvellous. And since then, with some exceptions, I have been very faithfull to the one two three from Clinique
2. Clinique High Impact Mascara
Boy do this work alright! It really gives me fuller but much more fuller eyelashes, me the woman who has none. Long, thick and full. I like it a lot !!
3. Chanel Quatre Ombres
Or: Chanel four shadows. I actually have the one in the picture, wich I bought back in 2005!! And still lasting!! That is money well spent. So, I would like to buy another quatre ombres in other shades
4. Happy, from Clinique
Oh  my God did they nailed it with the name. Who would’nt buy a cologne named Happy? I wanted it for a long time and my husband bought it for my birthday the year after the last one, that is 2010. I have almost finished it, so maybe for our wedding aniversary this could be a very nice gift.

5.  Clinique all about eyes serum
Ok, I admit it, I like Clinique. They make good products and not so expensive. This serum is a joy when I put it around my eyes. It’s not very effective, I must say, but feels like heaven.
6 Mary Kay Timewise age fighting eye cream.
When money was very tight I started using this cream. And I have stick to it because I think that all of them are the same and the secret it’s to be constant. Which I’m not. But that it’s not the point, which is: it does’nt have to be expensive.

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