Luis Echeverría Alvarez

When I was a little girl, he was the president of Mexico. My mother adored him, because he was so lefty and populist and I don’t know why.
She went to see him to Cozumel. A lot it’s been said in my family about this trip and about this unhealthy love that my mother used to have for the president. But in this ocassion I don’t want to talk about it. I want to write, about Luis Echeverría as a politician, as an historical figure.
Back in those days, the mexican presidents were literally and metaphorically speaking, Gods. Echeverría used to be Secretary of the Interior, the man in charge of national security and the elections, both national and local. The previous president, Gonzalo Díaz Ordaz, it’s been said many times that he hated himself for ever, for making Echeverría the next president.
It’s been said that Diaz Ordaz used to look himself in the mirror and give to himself two slaps in each chick, each side of his face, as a punishment for making Echeverría, President of Mexico.
«They make jokes of me for being ugly, not stupid»
Echeverria was this very timid, shy men, that evolved into something very different once he became President. He had very strong tendencies towards the left. Go and figure what the hell happend between him and the USSR dictator, which was Leonid Brezhnev… maybe he told Echeverria that happines was possible for all mexicans even though US is right next to us, and he believed it blindly because he wanted so bad to be in history for ever. Which he achieved, in a certain way he did.
Anyhow, Mexico was very nationalist and we did’nt like anything foreigner, much less if it was american. My father was in those days, saying all the time that we were going back to the States because the communist were going to invade Mexico.
It’s a pity we did’nt go there.
So, Echeverria used to give this very long, very boring, very full of figures speeches. And he never wanted to hear anything but adoration.
I think that he did’nt want no mexican to be hungry, wich is a good thing, or sick or uneducated; so, in order to fulfill the needs of everyone, like a father would do, he made huge loans to the banks and the International Monetary Fund and so… The intentions were good, but the economy just does not work that way, and the results were terrible.

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