I love ballet

I have to make a list of the things I love. Because they are so many, and I want to keep track of them.
One of the things I like the most is dancing ballet. And to this days, remains as one of my great acomplishments.
I began dancing at 16 or 17, of course at the beginning was very very difficult because all the other girls had years ahead of me; but I did’nt surrender, which is one of my best qualities. I kept trying and trying and got to be one of the best in my class, in the academy where I danced, and even in the whole city where I lived.
I loved it so much, and my father was not on board with it. I think that was one of the worst things he did to me, and I will always remind myself not to do the same to my children.
I was a good dancer and going to the dance academy gave me so much more than the practice, gave me confidence, and gave me new friends; of course, some problems, too, but nothing compared to the joy and the beautiful moments that dancing ballet gave to my life.
I left the academy because I had to go to the university, but that was a mistake, again, I have nobody to give me a good advice and made a bad choice.
Never the less, 15 years later, I came back to the same academy, now as a married woman with children and a lot of extra pounds.
But never the less, it was a joy, it was so nice, to wake up everymorning and go to my dance class, of course I began to do it better and better and lost all the extra pounds; above all that, dancing itself always was a pleasure.
Then I hurt my self, while dancing; and when I was allright again, not full but close, I began working again, in a full paid job, and that was it.
I am never going to dance again, I know, but what I also know is that the memories and the happiness that comes with those, will always be with me.

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