It’s like hell when my kids are sick

I think that this is the most unpleasent event of my life, or should I say, these are the worst days of my life: the days when my son or both my sons, are ill.
Like today, today is one of those days. My husband called me around nine am, and told me: Pablo is sick, I have to go pick him up at school and bring him home.
When I arrived home at six o’clok, he was’nt much better, he said «I don’t feel ok, my stomach hurts, I want to throw up». He told me, «I want a suppository» so I put one inside of him, and he is not feeling any better.
Worst, I have to work tomorrow, a kind of long day awaits me, so, I have to be creative and skip work for an hour or two, to take him to the doctor, the marvellous pediatrician, and see what’s going on with him
I hope he feels better so he can sleep tonight and tomorrow wake up and see the presents that the Three Wise Man, or Three Kings, have deliver for them.

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