Well, this was a hard day

Very early in the morning I receive the very bad news of a dear friend of mine who passed away. In a manner very unexpected, she was’nt exactly young but she was’nt old either; she was in perfect good health. She had a problem with her kidney and her body coould’nt pull up with it.
She had an brain hemorrage, and was declared death; her family decided to unplug the cord; she took more than usual in dye all togheter. It was very hard for her only son, who is around my age (I’m forty-two); her husband must be devastaded.
I got to know her around 1990,  and we were’nt exactly close; but when I got to meet her she always was nice to me; she was a very nice woman, very joyfull, very happy; I never ever listen to her complaining; she was always with a smile, thankfull for life, traveling a lot, working a lot.
So, this was very bad news; I actually kind of don’t believe it.

God Bless you, Abi

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