Lugares que quiero conocer

Me gusta viajar con mis hijos, y también, no me gusta viajar sin mis hijos. Es importante hacer ambas aclaraciones.
I like travelling with my children, and also, I don’t like travelling without them. Seems like the same thing twice, but It is’nt.
So, here are some of the places I would like to go:
Escocia me ha parecido desde siempre, un lugar frío, con neblina, con castillos, con fantasmas en los castillos. Con personas amables y no muy cultas o muy educadas. Con castillos llenos de cuadros en las paredes, que al moverlos se abre un muro que te lleva a unas mazmorras.
Tengo que llevar a mis hijos a conocer Escocia, les va a encantar.
Scotland has always appealed to me, like this cold, foggy place, full of castles, full of ghosts living in the castles. Nice and not very educated people, saying hello or waving goodbye. Castles full of paintings that, when you move them just an inch to the left or to the right, an enormous wall opens and shows a dark alley to the dungeons.
Mary, Queen of Scotland, married to Bothwell, and after she was imprisoned in England, he escaped only to be incarcerated in Denmark, precisely in a dungeon, and die some time later. I don’t recall the exact timeline, but I thinks this is how it happend. Poor Bothwell, such ambitious men.
So, I would like to go to Scotland and visit a dungeon.
While I’m around, I have to go to Ireland. I don’t know what they say about Yucatan, or Mexico. But I know that across the world, Ireland is always mentioned as this beautifull, magical place, full of very talented but very lazy people. It is a coldplace where everything can actually happend.
I hate the fact that therer are two Irelands, one is catholic and terrorist, the other is protestant and also kind of son of a bitches. That they been in war against each other and against the english, for so long. That Margaret Thatcher let one protester die of hunger. ==sigh== Never the less, I so want to go to Ireland with my children. The four leaver clover country.
It all began with one book, entitled «My Enemy the Queen». That book made mery curious of all England history, of course Queens and Kings, but also the country and the customs. Along came Oscar Wilde, and later the Beatles, and somehow all my life has happend that if there is something I really like, it has to be englis or english-related. Soccer, for instance.
So, I want to go to the Thames, and to Liverpool and see the places where the Beatles used to be; and to Richmond palace; and to Dover and see Calais from a distance.
Maybe I am being too modest, but after I go to these three places, curiouly all very near for each other, I think I am almost done with my world travelling.

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