Church and Religion

Writing this in english is a nice exercise but is not like I will be able to do it all the time.
First, I want to express myself regarding church and religion. I like to have one, I like being catholic and I think it’s been pivotal for many ocassions in my life, that things and problems solved because I prayed like crazy.
Like when I was pregnant with my first child or when my husband got very sick back in those days, or when I went to that spiritual retreat in Michoacan and prayed to be married and have a family of my own.
I like having some prayers to say every day, and I like a lot «Talking to God» of Francisco Fernández Carvajal. With daily prayers, can help me a lot to start the day with.
Later the same day I have a tendency to forget what the meditation said, and frequently that same day in the night I remeber like «oops my meditation said that I have to do this or said that, and I did’nt»
One thing that I dislike a lot from catholicism is the guilty feelings. For instance, If I pray everyday in morning, midday and afternoon, but somedays I forgot, I get to feel guilty about it. I should’nt. I should feel glad about the prayers I did said, instead of guilt of the ones I did not said. Because God loves me and forgives me and I am positive that he does not care.
Just yesterday this terrible person, Kim Jong II, the president or dictator of North Korea, died. Like this, from one minute to the other. He was such a terrible person, he was like very bad, very mean, very soul-less.
You think that God, who has to deal with this kind of person, right know is judging him to go to Heaven or to go and fry in Hell forever, is going to think bad of me, just because I honestly forget or felt to tired for saying a little prayer? pleeease.
«This is what we are going to use for that Kim Jong II»
«Sure, but don’t forget the oil»

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